Duromatic Spares

Customers who buy Duromatic pressure Cookers, can benefit from outstanding warranty services. Even if an cooker is no longer available, the spare parts are – for another 15 years and sometimes even longer. 

Replacement Duromatic HandlesDuromatic Replacement Handles

Replacement handles are the most common requirement, normally after a cooker has been dropped onto a hard floor.  Luckily all handles are user replaceable, only requiring a cross head screwdriver.  

Duromatic SI Valve

Replacement Duromatic SI-Valve

If a pressure cooker is accidentally left on the heat unattended for a prolonged period the SI Valve in the lid will activate to safely de-pressurise the cooker. Sometimes these valves will need to be replaced, again it is a simple matter to push out the old and insert the new one.

Duromatic Replacements Gaskets

Duromatic Replacement Gaskets

Whilst the blue silicone gaskets can last for years with care, they will need to be replaced when the cooker will not come up to pressure properly.  To check the required part number look on the inner surface of the gasket.  The part number will be embossed onto the surface.  Measuring a gasket is not recommended. 

Purchasing Duromatic Spare Parts

Duromatic Base Plate Information
Identifying the correct spare part numbers can be a nightmare without service manuals.  Cookability has worked in conjunction with Kuhn Rikon UK to develop an interactive spare parts site for most Duromatic pressure cookers.

You will need to locate the model number of your Duromatic and year of manufacture.  Helpfully, Kuhn Rikon etch all this information onto the base of each and every cooker during manufacture. An example is shown here with the required information underlined.

Once you have this information you can visit the Duromatic Spares UK Interactive Spares Finder.