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Duromatic Chutney Recipes


Cooking Time: 10 mins

2 lb (1kg) gooseberries
a good pinch of cayenne pepper
6 oz (175g) chopped dates
4 level teaspoon salt
12 oz (340g) onions, chopped
1 lb (450g) soft brown sugar
1 level teaspoon mustard seeds, crushed
¾ pint (425ml) vinegar

  1. Place half the vinegar into the pan with all the other ingredients. Fit the lid and bring the pressure to the 2nd red ring. Adjust the heat to maintain this pressure for 10 minutes. Allow the pressure to reduce naturally - please refer to the instruction manual.
  2. Remove the lid, add the remaining vinegar to the pan and boil until the chutney thickens to the consistency of jam. Pour into warmed jars and cover immediately.